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       Homoeopathic system of medicine is getting more popular and accepted world wide for curing many diseases without any adverse side effects. vinayaka mission's homoeopathic medical college, hospital as a centre of learning for 100 of undergraduate students and pg students of seven department. The hospital is rendering free health care service for the poor and needy. All patients who are admitted in the hospital are provided with free food and free basic investigations.


1.Hospital is focused on patient and students.
2.Community in and around Salem are enormously benefited by the service provided in the collegiate Hospital.
3.we consider every patient is a point of learning for the students
4.In the hospital, it is not only that the treatment and cure takes place but also the budding doctors are learning the art of connecting with human beings who are in distress.
5.In the course of time we are modifying the perception of public about the Homoeopathic system of medicine that in-turn modify the learning curve of every student to the positive side.        

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Infrastructure :
       The hospital is well equipped with highly qualified physicians, medical record section, 4 medical units (ug & pg), OG unit, paediatric unit, psychiatry unit, surgery unit with dressing room, seminar hall, dispensing section, store room, laboratory, 11 peripheral centres and  inpatient department - male and female ward, night duty room for crri, pg, medical officer and nurse, medical superintendent room, nursing station. It is also equipped with computerised registration, hospital libraryand homoeopathic soft-wares for quick reference. Apart from this minor OT, OT, units like dermatology, orthopaedics, paediatric, psychiatry, surgery, OBG, ophthalmology, ENT, radiology and also high end investigations are utilized from vmkvmc&h and vinayaka mission hitech hospital. The collegiate hospital has MOU with vinayaka mission kripananda variyar medical college and hospital and vinayaka mission hitech hospital. Its gives a pleasant environment for the patients & the students and ensuring free of pollution.

Academic :
       The postgraduates, crri's and undergraduate students are exposed to learning at bedside and Opd. The programme helps the students to develop skill as a self- directed learner recognizing the levels of clinical integration in the patient care. The students are posted in hospital as per the curriculum and syllabus framed by VMU without compromising the directions of the Central Council of Homoeopathy. They learn the art of consultation skills, communication skills, examination techniques, interpretations of investigation results, formulations of diagnoses and management plans and treatment under experienced Physicians. The clinical classes and bed side teaching are more oriented with skill formation and problem based learning.  The interaction with the students with enthusiasm indicates the quality and openness of the academic system provided to the students that would help them to face the challenges of life.

Super Speciality Training : 
       In order to combat with the advances of medical education the pg students receive high quality training at Vinayaka Mission's Hi-tech Hospital, Salem under various departments like Cardiology, Surgery, Neurology, Nephrology, Critical care medicine, Orthopaedics, dermatology and Radiology. Crri's are posted in vmkvmc&h under various departments.

Outpatient services :
       The activities of the units include general assistance to patients in different dimensions like Case taking, Diagnosing, ordering of investigation reports, Prescription and follow up services. Community as a whole is benefited as consultation, basic investigation and treatment - medicines are provided by highly qualified and experienced faculty free of cost. To strengthen the clinical knowledge under graduates & postgraduates are well trained. They are not only trained in handling and treating the patient but also the values to inculcate empathetic attitude is nurtured. High end investigations like MRI, CT, USG are given at subsided rate for the poor patients.

Inpatient Services :
       Services rendered in Inpatient department are free, as well as free food is provided for the needed patients. Its a 50 beded hospital providing good medical care. Posting in wards enables a student to evaluate, investigate and manage both acute and chronic cases.

Peripheral Health Centres :
       The department takes pride in spreading its service to cater to the health, nutrition and educational needs of patients in rural sectors. There are 11 centres one in urban - city centre, remaining 10 in rural area - mallasamudram, kalparatty, senipallyam, mallur, jalagandapuram, rakipatty, pudupallayam, vembadithalam, neikarapatty, vallar madam. Our hospital and PHCs are rendering total free health care services which is mainly benefited by the under priviledged and rural people.

Free Medical Camps :
       The hospital organises free homoeopathic Medical Camps at the most rural sectors making the health system available at the door step. Crri & Postgraduates  participate actively in  medical camps & PHC, this experience will encourage them to work in an rural environment in the future. Homoeopathic awareness are given to the public on the Homoeopathic system of Medicine.

CME/Seminar/Workshop/Conferences/ journal club/ clinical meeting :
       There is a wide opportunity to aspiring students to update their new innings they are permitted to participate and present National/International conferences/workshops to get wide exposure and knowledge.  They actively participate in regular CME programme conducted by the college. Journal club, clinical meeting and seminar are conducted weekly bases for Crri's & pg's where they present and participate.

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